Riverside Substation Upgrades

Construction has resumed for the 2023 season

We have started our final round of construction at the Riverside substation on Nisutlin Drive. 

Work this summer will include:

  • installing the sound wall around the transformer;
  • insalling the fencing, cables and electrical equipment;
  • completing the civil activities around the site perimeter, including gravel and landscaping; and
  • installing the new 138kV breaker.

Safety matters

As construction continues, be sure to use caution on the trails and waterways around the substation. Should sections of the Millennium Trail need to be closed, fencing and signage will be put in place to let users know of the restricted access. Please avoid the area behind and around the substation, keep pets on a leash, and let children know to avoid the area.

Construction hours

During construction, crews will be working the occasional weekend to ensure we can complete construction this summer. We will limit heavy equipment work on these weekends. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Why do we need to upgrade the Riverside substation?

To connect Yukoners to more electricity

Demand for electricity in the Yukon is expected to grow by 40% in the next 10 years.
To help meet the demand, we’re working on projects in our 10-year Renewable Electricity Plan to increase capacity on the Yukon grid, including:

  • uprating Whitehorse hydro units;
  • building a grid-scale battery;
  • replacing end-of-life diesel generators; and
  • purchasing hydro power from Atlin.

But all these new sources of electricity need a way to reach you. Upgrading the Riverside substation is the link that connects the additional electricity to the Yukon grid so that Yukoners can use it.

Why Riverdale?

We own two substations near the Whitehorse Rapids Generating Station specifically designed to connect electricity to the grid. One is in our parking lot and the other, the Riverside substation, on Nisutlin Drive.

The substation in our parking lot is at capacity. The Riverside substation is the only one that has the space around it to add the new equipment we need for the upgrade.

What are the benefits?

Connects Yukoners to more electricity

The Yukon is growing and so is the demand for electricity. The upgraded substation will make more electricity available to Yukoners during peak times of use in the winter.

Leaves a smaller footprint and costs less

Upgrading an existing substation and transmission line instead of building new ones reduces the project’s impact on the environment, wildlife and the Riverdale community. It also costs less.

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