Atlin Hydro Expansion

The Atlin Hydro Expansion project is one of three key potential projects outlined in our 10-Year Renewable Electricity Plan. When complete, the Atlin Hydro Expansion project will increase the amount of dependable renewable hydroelectricity available in Yukon to meet winter peaks for power and growing demands for clean energy.

The project is expected to add 8.5 megawatts of dependable capacity to Yukon’s grid. That’s about the same as increasing the size of Yukon’s electrical system by about 8 per cent. It is also expected to generate about 45-gigawatt hours of hydroelectricity annually – roughly the same amount of electricity used by 3,750 Yukon homes each year.

The proposed Atlin Hydro Expansion project will be built and owned by Tlingit Homeland Energy Limited Partnership (THELP), a company owned 100% by Taku River Tlingit First Nation Citizens. When complete, we will purchase power from THELP and the Atlin Hydro Expansion project the same way we purchase renewable power from other independent power producers.

THELP is currently working through the design, permitting and community consultation phases of the project. For more details or to get involved, please visit