Regulatory Filings

2021 General Rate Application

On November 20, 2020, we filed our 2021 General Rate Application with our regulator, the Yukon Utilities Board. The application outlines a way for us to recover the cost of investments needed to meet growing demands for electricity and replacing aging equipment, while also having a nearly zero impact on Yukon electricity bills.

The application must be reviewed and approved by the Yukon Utilities Board before any changes are made to electricity bills. As part of the process, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback.

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Power Purchase Agreement – Victoria Gold

The Yukon Utilities Board has approved an agreement between Yukon Energy and Victoria Gold for the supply of grid power to Victoria Gold’s Eagle Gold Mine near Mayo.

This Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a key step towards the connection of the mine to our grid. However Victoria Gold must complete a final round of financing to move on to the next phase of construction.

See below for the full filing.

Rider F Quarterly Filings

If you look at your electric bill you will see a line item for Rider F. This charge or credit fluctuates depending on how much it costs Yukon's two utilities to purchase fuel for our diesel generators. The Yukon Utilities Board has ordered that we post quarterly filings on this website so that Yukoners can follow the changes. You'll find our most recent filing below.

Secondary Sales Quarterly Sales Advisories

Our retail Secondary Sales rate outlines the process whereby the secondary sales rate must be adjusted quarterly based on the retail heating fuel price for furnace oil in Whitehorse. We use the price that is reported by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics. As part of this process, Yukon Energy files a rate change advisory letter with our regulator, the Yukon Utilities Board, which we have posted below.