Preparing for Emergencies

Yukon Energy has devoted a great deal of time ensuring we are ready for the unexpected. We have Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Plans for all our facilities.

We encourage all members of the public to have your own emergency plans and emergency kit ready should you ever need to use them. To assist you, we have worked with the Yukon's Emergency Measures Organization to produce an emergency preparedness booklet, found below.

Please note that power outages can happen at any time. Occasionally, our crews need to shut off electricity for a short while so they can safety work on the equipment. We always give prior warning for our planned outages; however, Mother Nature isn't so considerate! Wind, snow or ice can wreak havoc on power lines, as can forest fires.

Whatever the cause, we encourage you to use the advice outlined in the emergency preparedness booklet for those times when you find yourself without power.