Peak Smart –
the power of doing good

We’re developing a series of new Peak Smart programs that will help the Yukon's energy future — and we need your help.

When we launch our new Peak Smart Home program this fall, participants will receive free smart devices that will help shift their electricity use away from peak times.

Taking part in the program will improve our ability to meet the Yukon's energy needs while reducing our reliance on diesel.

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All the advantages with no cost or inconvenience

  • Participating in our upcoming Peak Smart Home program will cost you nothing. Yukon Energy provides the devices free of charge.
  • When temporary changes are made to your thermostat settings, it’s done with your comfort in mind. You’ll experience no change in the comfort of your home.
  • It costs you nothing to do good, and you’ll barely feel a thing – except the pride and self-empowerment that comes with contributing a more sustainable Yukon.

About Peak Smart

Peak Smart was born out of a two-year residential pilot program, delivered by Yukon Energy and ATCO Electric Yukon. The goal was to shift peak energy demands for power during the cold winter months using utility-controlled electric baseboard heater thermostats and hot water tank controllers.

With the help of over 400 Yukoners, the pilot program showed us that Yukoners are keen to use this technology to reduce our collective reliance on fossil fuels by lowering peak demands for power over the winter. It showed that programs like this can help the territory use less fossil fuels to generate power while keeping Yukoners safe and warm.

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We have a future here

We’re working to meet the Yukon’s climate change goals without impacting Yukoners’ quality of life. Peak Smart is one piece of that puzzle.

By participating in our upcoming Peak Smart Home program, Yukoners can come together to reduce our collective reliance on fossil fuels.