Peak Smart

Utilities, government and Yukoners building a sustainable electricity future together

Peak power demand happens on cold winter mornings and evenings when Yukoners crank up their electricity use, all at the same time. It’s during these times that Yukon Energy uses more liquefied natural gas and diesel to generate power.

Peak Smart was a two-year residential demand response pilot program delivered by Yukon Energy and ATCO Electric Yukon that aimed to shift peak demands for power during Yukon's cold winter months. The program was funded in part by Natural Resources Canada and the Yukon Development Corporation.

The pilot project concluded in 2021 and proved that with the help of 400 Yukoners, peak demands for power could be shifted with utility-controlled electric baseboard heater thermostats. Read more about what we collectively achieved here.

With these results in hand, Yukon Energy will continue to explore options for a permanent territory-wide program in the coming years.

To all our current Peak Smart participants:

The supplier of the thermostats and hot water tank controllers has unexpectedly stopped support for the devices. They have also disabled the web portal and you may not be able to access the smartphone app. There should be no change to your hot water supply, and your thermostat can continue to be used in manual mode.

If you require technical support or you would like the devices removed from your home for any reason, please contact Arcrite Northern at 867-668-3053.