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Help the Yukon shift the peak

Peak power demand happens on cold winter mornings and evenings when Yukoners crank up their electricity use, all at the same time. It’s during these times that Yukon Energy uses more liquefied natural gas and diesel to generate power. Through Peak Smart Home, we’re offering free thermostats and hot water controllers to help shift peak demands for power while keeping your comfort top of mind. 

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There’s power in doing good

As the Yukon’s population grows and we transition to electrification, our demand for electricity is increasing. By participating in Peak Smart Home, you will help us to shift peak demand for power and use less diesel in the winter — without disrupting the comfort of your home.

How it works

The program is based on “Peak Smart events” that we will run during periods of peak energy usage. Here's how a Peak Smart response event works:

When it’s cold outside, or we expect a spike in electricity usage, Yukon Energy will schedule Peak Smart events and notify participating households before each event. You do not need to prepare for these events.

Your device, and devices in other participating Yukoners’ homes, connects to a network. During a Peak Smart event, the network will send a signal to the devices, asking them to make small changes so they operate at different times. The changes will be so subtle that they shouldn't disrupt the comfort of your home. For example, warming up homes by a few degrees right before a peak in electricity demand, and then lowering the thermostats’ setpoint temperature slightly during peak hours, can help reduce how much electricity is used during peak times.

With these subtle changes, we can shift energy demand, reduce diesel use and lessen the strain on our electricity grid.

Remember, you will always have control — you can monitor and change the settings of your devices from your phone, plus, you can choose to opt out of Peak Smart events at any time.

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Please note that submission of interest does not guarantee a spot in the program. Read about the eligibility requirements here.

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Your road map to Peak Smart Home


Use the form on the Peak Smart website to let us know you are interested in participating.

Please note that submission of interest does not guarantee acceptance into the program.


Within two weeks of submission, you will receive an email confirming your eligibility for the program. If you have been accepted, a Participant Agreement will be attached to the email.

This is a preliminary approval of your participation. Final approval is subject to the electrician’s assessment from the walkthrough done during installation, to further confirm your home’s suitability and safety.


Review and send a signed copy of the Participant Agreement to the Peak Smart Team.


An electrician working with the program will reach out to schedule the installation.


Once your installation date has been confirmed, you will receive a Pre-Installation Checklist by email. Review the checklist to prepare for the installation.


During installation, the electrician will:

  • complete a walkthrough to confirm your home’s suitability and safety;
  • install the device(s); and
  • walk you through the device set-up and configuration.


Once the installation is complete, sign the Work Order Completion Form and provide the email you used to register on the web app.


You’re now enrolled in the Peak Smart Home program!

Frequently Asked Questions

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