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RFP 2023-023 - Supply of Mayo Penstock Plug

The Mayo A hydro facility is located about 200 miles north of Whitehorse, Yukon. The powerhouse and parking lot adjacent to the surge tank is centered at N63°39’13” -- W135°54’55°.

The Corporation is looking for a supplier to provide a plug for the surge tower pipe.  The design must enable the complete sealing of the Mayo A surge tower pipe. The plug must prevent any water egress from the surge tower piping in any flowrate or pressure in the below connected penstock.

The sealing location is to be from two metres below the surge tank grade level down to the T-connection to the penstock where it may be mounted on any of the three legs of the T. 

Qualified vendors are expected to download the solicitation package through Merx. 

Jun 2, 2023
RFP 2023-011 Right of Way Vegetation Management Plan

Requesting Proposals for the provision of Utility Right of Way (ROW) vegetation maintenance risk management.

Proponents are requested to download the solicitation package through Merx.

Jun 5, 2023
RFP 2023-008 - Supply of Demand Response Devices

The supply of Demand Response Devices.

Qualified vendors are expected to download the solicitation package through Merx.

Jun 5, 2023
RFP 2023-010 Single Device Isolation - Device Certification

YEC is undertaking a program to certify all single devices that isolate confined spaces as per Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board Yukon Part 2 – Confined Spaces, Section 2.11. These confined spaces consist of penstocks, power tunnels, scroll cases and draft tubes. The hazard being isolated by these devices is the water head/pressure from the forebay or tail pond. 

As in other jurisdictions in Canada, the Yukon Workers Compensation Board (WCB) requires that an approved alternate means of isolation needs to be used if standard means of isolation cannot be put in place (ie. Blank/double block and bleed). YEC aims to follow the industry standard practice of Single Device Isolation Certification (SDIC) in order to satisfy the WCB requirement for an approved alternate means of isolation.

As an initial step in this process, YEC would like to retain the services of a qualified vendor to perform the SDIC certification including design adequacy assessment, site visits and review of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) inspection reports for 15 devices. 

The final deliverable expected from the successful Consultant will be a report on each device summarizing the design adequacy in light of the current condition and leakage performance of the isolating device. If no work is required, an SDIC device certification shall be issued by the Consultant with the stamp of a Yukon P.Eng. If the device is determined not to be certifiable in it’s current state, a high level summary of the work required to achieve SDIC device certification shall be included in the summary report. The detailed design and execution of this corrective work will be separate as it is hard to quantify without first assessing. 

Interested supplier are expected to download the solicitation package through the MERX link here.

Jun 14, 2023
RFP2023-009 Lewes River Boat Lock Replacement Design

Yukon Energy Corporation is requesting Proposals for the services of an Engineering Consultant to design the Lewes River Boat Lock Replacement and for the Upgrade of the Right Bank Upper Access Road to the boat lock

Documents can be downloaded from Merx or found here

Jun 23, 2023