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RFP 2022-013 Enterprise Asset Management Technical and Business Support Standing Offer

YEC is looking for technical and business processes support services for its Hexagon EAM implementation and Infor OS platform. This includes working with the Corporation to:

  • Configure new functionality as needed/requested;
  • Prioritize and correct found issues related to configuration or process;
  • Explore new configurations and processes within the software to address internal business process and application use in the field utilizing past operational experience;
  • Provide relevant user training to core users (up to four staff);
  • Troubleshoot and resolve found integration issues as needed, with the support of YEC’s ERP integration design partner; and
  • Assist in correcting issues within the Hexagon EAM and Infor OS software not covered under the basic Hexagon EAM licensing support.

The Corporation is looking to establish an annual Contract that supports a pre-defined hour bank of 150 hours.  The Corporation will draw down this hour bank to make small improvements and/or configuration changes within EAM to better support YEC. The Corporation is also looking for support in maintaining its custom configurations within EAM. This would include correcting issues caused by system updates or bugs.

Interested and qualified vendors are expected to download the solicitation package through MERX link here.

Oct 18, 2022
RFQ 2022-022 Schwatka Lake Booms

Yukon Energy Corporation is soliciting Bids for the Supply and Delivery of safety/debris boom materials.  Documents can be downloaded from Merx here

Oct 18, 2022
RFP 2022-017 Aishihik Hydro Unit #1 10-Year Teardown and Overhaul

Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC) has a three-unit hydro-electric generating station approximately 150 Km north-west of Whitehorse, Yukon at YEC’s Aishihik Hydro site.

The Aishihik Hydro powerhouse is an underground plant, located approximately 460 ft beneath the service building. Personnel and small equipment access to the powerhouse is via a service elevator. Larger components can be moved in and out of the powerhouse using a larger access shaft and overhead crane located in the service building.

AH1 is a Francis style, vertical shaft turbine-generator with a generator rated output of 17.28 MW originally installed in 1973. AH1 has a mechanical gate shaft governor with AH1 was last overhauled in 2012. An upstream turbine inlet valve (TIV) provides certified single device isolation. Downstream, a single vertical lift tail race gate provides certified single device isolation. YEC will be establishing and maintaining the isolation for the duration of the outage, however the Contractor may be called upon to assist with installing pumps, operating valves and monitoring water levels as required.

Potential propopents are expected to download the soliciation package through the MERX link here.

Nov 3, 2022