Transmission Line Upgrades

To make more electricity available to Yukoners, we need to deliver more electricity from the Whitehorse Rapids Generating Station to the Riverside substation. To do this, we’ll be upgrading one of our existing transmission lines, by: 

  • replacing one wooden power pole beside the Riverside station, and some power poles at our Whitehorse facility. The new wooden power poles will be about 5–10 feet taller than the existing poles. 
  • replacing the one wire that currently exists on these poles with two wires, one directly above the other. This will increase the voltage of the existing power line from 6.9 kilovolts to 34.5 kilovolts. 

Design considerations

By upgrading an existing power line, instead of building a new one: 

  • Fewer trees need to be cut meaning less impact to the environment and local wildlife.
  • We avoid having to install 13 new power poles along Millennium Trail, or having to add another power line downstream of the dam like other options we explored.
  • We save money. 
  • We maintain the natural beauty of the Millennium Trail.