Yukon Wildfires

Talbot Creek fire (MA-033) and Mayo Evacuation Order

We recognize that some of our customers in Mayo may have questions regarding the current wildfire situation and its impact on electricity generation and delivery. Please see the list of commonly asked questions below.

 Updated as of August 7, 2023

1. Is the power still on in Mayo?

Yes, power remains on in Mayo. 

2. What if I can’t pay my electricity bill?

You can contact the Dawson office to make a payment or discuss a payment plan that works for you at 867-993-5565 or by emailing billing@yec.yk.ca

3. Will I still be charged for electricity even though I am not there?

You will only be charged for the electricity your home or business is using (ex. if you left your fridge or freezer plugged in). 

4. Is the community at risk of flooding if the Mayo hydro facility is shut down?

No. Should we need to shut either plant down for safety reasons, we will spill the water that would have otherwise gone through the turbines to generate power. Currently, both Mayo hydro plants remain in operation.

5. How will you read my meter if there’s an evacuation order in effect?

The safety of our staff is our top priority. We will be estimating bills while the evacuation order is in effect. 

6. I am looking to get my house or business hooked up to power, can I still do that right now?

For safety reasons, we cannot complete new customer connects in the Mayo area while an evacuation order is in effect. Customer connects in other areas have been temporarily delayed for the week of August 7 so that we have the resources available to address the current fire situation.

7. Where do I go to find information about the current situation in Mayo?

Emergency and wildfire updates are provided through the Government of Yukon. Please visit yukon.ca/emergencies for updates, or visit:
Facebook: @YukonProtectiveServices
Twitter: @YukonPS