Yukon Wildfires

The Hunker Summit and Pique Creek fires in northern Yukon are currently classified as not under control. There is also a risk that these fires will cross the Klondike Highway and threaten the transmission power line nearby.  

Yukon Energy is monitoring the situation closely and working with Yukon Wildland Fire Management and the local B.C. Incident Management Team on a plan in the event that the nearby highway and power line are impacted. 

As conditions change, updates about the fires' impact on our power system and ability to provide power to specific communities will be posted below and shared on our Facebook and Twitter channels.

Yukon Energy Updates:

July 19, 2019. 16:00: No changes since our July 10th update.

July 17, 2019. 16:00: No changes since our July 10th update.

July 15, 2019. 16:00: No changes since our July 10th update.

July 11, 2019. 16:00: No changes since our July 10th update.

July 10, 2019. 16:00: Yukon Energy is committed to the safety of first responders, its employees and the public. In the event that the Hunker Summit or Pique Creek fires cross the North Klondike Highway, Yukon Energy will de-energize the transmission line between Mayo and Dawson City to allow first responders to safely continue fighting the fire and to eliminate the risk of additional fires being started by falling trees or debris on the power line. Customers in Dawson City and Mayo will continue to have power. Yukon Energy will disconnect Dawson City from the Yukon grid and supply power to the community with electricity generated at its diesel facility in Dawson where we have several days of fuel on hand; Stewart Crossing, Mayo and Keno will continue to be connected to and supplied power from the Yukon grid. 

For updates on Yukon wildfires, please visit:

Web: Yukon Wildland Fire Management and Protective Services
Facebook: @YukonProtectiveServices
Twitter: @YukonPS