Contract Registry

Yukon Energy’s contract registry is a summary of awarded contracts.

Consulting Contracts are to be used to secure professional and consulting services. Usually, these consulting services are for ‘soft’ services such as audits, managerial reviews, operational reviews, engineering, architectural and other services which are more conceptual and theoretical in nature.

Minor Works Contracts are used primarily for service and construction requirements of a minor financial value for the corporation. Yukon Energy considers minor works to be purchases for a financial value not to exceed $250,000.00.

Major Purchases are contracts needed for significant Yukon Energy projects.

Construction Contracts are used primarily for work to build, repair, renovate, restore, maintain or demolish a structure and includes the hiring of equipment and services necessary for that work or when performance bonding/protection is required. Any purchase requisition that has a total estimated financial value greater than $250,000.00 shall be reviewed as to whether a bid security is required.