Yukon Energy participates actively in community events and sets aside some of our profits to assist community groups throughout the territory.

We use the following criteria when assessing possible sponsorship opportunities:

  • Does this event/activity align with Yukon Energy’s strategic priorities and values, specifically with regard to sustainability, GHG reductions, and the development of healthy communities?
  • Are there opportunities for Yukon Energy staff to be involved in this event/activity in some way?
  • Will Yukon Energy receive sufficient public recognition as a result of the sponsorship?

Our sponsorship program encompasses four categories, with equal funding going to each category:

  1. Arts/Culture/Tourism (fully subscribed for 2019)
  2. Sports/Recreation (fully subscribed for 2019)
  3. Health/Social Services/Education (fully subscribed for 2019)
  4. Sustainable Development (some funding still left for 2019)

In the past, Yukon Energy has invited community groups to submit funding requests to us. While we will still consider such requests where money is available, we have become much more self-driven in terms of pro-actively identifying and targeting community activities/events that fit well with our criteria.

If you are a community group looking for corporate sponsorship funding, please call (867) 393-5333 for further information.

Here are some of the groups Yukon Energy sponsored in 2018: 

Whitehorse Food Bank ($10,500)
Yukon Energy is a fervent supporter of the Whitehorse Food Bank, a facility that assists hundreds of needy Yukoners. 2018 was the 11th year in a row that Yukon Energy contributed financially to the organization. 

Available Light Film Festival and the Dawson City International Short Film Festival ($8,000/$5,000)
These two winter film festivals are very popular events; thousands of people turn out each year to view quality movies made locally and around the world. For the past several years Yukon Energy has been a co-presenter of both festivals, along with the Yukon Film Society and Yukon Hotels (Available Light Film Festival) and the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (Dawson City International Short Film Festival).

Superstar Contest ($6,500)
For the past seven years, Yukon Energy has been the title sponsor of Superstar, a performance that showcases the talents of young Yukon singers, songwriters, musicians and dancers. This well-loved evening is part of the annual Sourdough Rendezvous Winter Festival.

Rivers to Ridges ($6,400)
Yukon Energy's contribution is going towards starting up a full-time land-based preschool, expected to open in the fall of 2019. Specifically the money is to be used to help with the Elders in the Classroom portion of the program.

Yukon Energy Dempster to Dawson Solstice Race ($6,000)
This was the third year that Yukon Energy was the presenting sponsor of this popular Klondike event.

Special Olympics ($3,750)
This is another cause that Yukon Energy has supported for many years. Our contribution goes towards programming for Yukon children and young adults with special needs.

Yukon Breeze Sailing Society ($3,000)
Yukon Energy's contribution was used to help support the adult sailing program, including the purchase of a used sailing vessel.

2018 Faro Crane and Sheep Festival ($3,000)
The funding provided by Yukon Energy covered the costs of a community barbeque held as a part of this festival.

Yukon Quest ($3,000)
Yukon Energy provided funding so that families could attend a free afternoon of dog mushing.

U-Kon Echelon Bike Club ($2,630)
Sponsorship money from Yukon Energy went towards the expenses for the Tour de Whitehorse/Yukon Cycling Championships.

Whitehorse Thrift Store Society ($2,620)
Yukon Energy's financial support will help this non-profit group develop a new website and produce signage for their store.

Humane Society Yukon/Kona’s Coalition ($2,500/$2,500)
Both of these organizations work to better the lives of the territory’s domestic animals. The money for Kona’s Coalition helped to cover the cost of medical procedures for animals whose owners could not otherwise afford the veterinarian bills. The donation to the Humane Society was used to help with operations at the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter. The shelter takes in close to 900 dogs and cats over the course of a year, feeding and housing them until they can be adopted out to "forever" homes. 

Whitehorse Street Pianos ($2,000)
The goal of this initiative is to bring old pianos back to life and make them available around Whitehorse for the public to play and enjoy. Yukon Energy's contribution helped cover the cost of maintaining several pianos that had been put back into circulation. 

Kwanlin Dün First Nation ($1,000)
Yukon Energy's contribution helped stage a three-day territory-wide youth forum, where issues such as fentanyl/opioid use, homelessness, and sexual health were discussed.

Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation ($1,000)
This money went toward a community mural project in downtown Mayo. The mural, now displayed on the side of the local grocery store, highlights the theme "Stewardship: Respecting the Environment, Animals, and Water" and was created by local artists, youth, and other Citizens.