Site planning: Complete

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Environmental assessments
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Submission of our Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act proposal
  • Procuring equipment with long lead times

Site preparation: Complete

  • Survey the site and remove vegetation
  • Level the site and complete grading
  • Install temporary fencing and signage
  • Install foundations for new substation equipment and taller poles
  • Install the concrete oil containments needed for the transformer

Construction: Present to August 2023

  • Electrical equipment installed in the substation
  • Transmission line wire and poles replaced with upgraded structures and wire

NOISE: During construction, you can expect to hear noise typical of a construction site, but we’ll make sure our work abides by all noise bylaws.

Interconnection: Winter 2023/2024

  • New equipment in the substation and the upgraded transmission line energized


  • Operations and maintenance