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My Account is an easy and fast way to access your electricity bill from any device at your convenience. 

  • Go paperless. Receive your bill by email weeks before it's due
  • Pay your bill online
  • See your monthly electricity usage year over year

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It's easy! All you need is your account number (located in the top right on your bill), phone number, email address and name of the primary account holder.

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Terms of use

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Do you currently subscribe to Canada Post epostTM, but want electronic notifications for your bill statements from Yukon Energy's My Account instead? 

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Sign into your epostTM Account
  • Go to list of Mailers
  • Choose your Yukon Energy account
  • Click on the garbage can icon to remove from epostTM

After you unsubscribe from epostTM, register for My Account (if you haven’t done this already). To go paperless and receive electronic notifications for your bill statements, follow these next steps:

  • Go to the Account Overview drop down menu
  • Choose Account Details
  • Click Billing & Payments tab
  • Scroll to bottom of page and click Edit Account Details
  • Click No to “Do you want a paper copy?”
  • Click the box to receive electronic notifications via email and enter your email address (if not entered already)

It will take approx. 48 hours to update the My Account system with your preference settings. For further questions or inquiries, contact our friendly customer representatives at 867-993-5565.