In 2017, the Canadian Electricity Association awarded Yukon Energy with a Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation for our commitment to sustainable business practices. We are only the fifth utility in Canada to receive such an award, and the first in Northern Canada.

We make the following committment to Yukoners in terms of operating as a sustainable electricity company:


Environment: We will work to minimize the environmental impacts of our facilities, operations and businesses.

Stewardship and Biodiversity: We will manage the environment and ecosystems where we operate to minimize loss and support habitat recovery.

Climate Change: We will seek innovative, cost-effective ways to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, while adapting to the effects of climate change.

Energy Efficiency: We will promote conservation and efficiency amongst our customers. We will produce, deliver, and use electricity as efficiently as possible.


Communications and Engagement: We will communicate with and engage our stakeholders openly, honestly, and on a regular basis.         

First Nations Relations: We will communicate with and engage Yukon First Nations people in a manner that respects their values, culture, and traditions.

Security of Supply: We will provide Yukoners with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity.


Health and Safety: We will strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors.

Workplace: We will aim to build a fair, respectful, and diverse workplace for our employees and contractors.

Accountability: We will set clear goals and expectations, communicate those goals to our staff and to Yukoners, and report back on how we are meeting those commitments.


Economic Value: We will deliver economic value to our shareholders, and to the communities in which we operate.

Supply Chain: We will encourage our suppliers to surpass baseline requirements, where possible, to reduce the environmental and social impacts of their operations.

Partnerships: We will seek out opportunities for innovative business solutions that create durable benefits for all parties.