Yukon Energy commits to engaging with Yukoners in a way that is honest, open, and timely.

We do this through:

  • Building engagement plans and methods into all our major projects and initiatives. For instance, we are currently working with Yukoners on the re-licensing of our Aishihik hydro facility. Last year, a great deal of time and effort went into engaging with Yukoners on our 2016 Resource Plan.
  • Holding regular meetings with key governments and stakeholder groups.
  • Posting regular updates about our work on the Yukon Energy website and social media sites.
  • Posting key documents such as our annual reports on our website and social media sites.
  • Offering an "Ask Steph" feature on our website. This invites Yukoners to ask questions and get prompt responses about any topic related to Yukon Energy.
  • Being available for two-way conversations on various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Responding in a timely fashion and in as much detail as possible to questions from the media, stakeholders, and the public.
  • Sharing detailed information through various public regulatory processes such as the Yukon Utilities Board, Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board, and the Yukon Water Board.