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Yukon Energy Marks ‘100 Days Out of Games’ with $100,000 sponsorship of 2020 Arctic Winter Games

On December 5, 2019, the Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games (AWG) Host Society reached another milestone with 100 Days to Go until the start of the Games. “We’re just 100 days away from the start of the 2020 Arctic Winter Games, so now the final preparations begin,” said George Arcand, President of the Host Society. “This is a great opportunity to showcase Yukon’s hospitality to the Circumpolar North, while providing spectators with exciting, fast-paced competition and unique, engaging performances throughout the week.” As part of the celebration, the Host Society also announced Yukon Energy Corporation's $100,000 sponsorship of the Games. Yukon Energy joins the team as sponsor of the Volunteer Program, as well as Arctic Sports and Dene Games. “We’re excited to welcome Yukon Energy as a Gold Level Sponsor,” said Arcand. “Their support will go a long way in ensuring the success of a program that requires nearly 2,000 volunteers putting in thousands of hours to make the Games happen.” “Our $100,000 contribution to the Arctic Winter Games is a testament of our commitment to Yukon culture and sport, and to the communities and individuals we are privileged to serve,” said Lesley Cabott, Chair, Yukon Energy Corporation Board of Directors. “We’re thrilled to be a major part of the Games and to be able to celebrate the hard work and commitment of all the volunteers, athletes, coaches and staff that will be a part of it.”  December 5 is also International Volunteer Day, so in recognition the AWG office will remain open until 7:00 pm to allow extra time for volunteer sign-up and completion of criminal record checks, which are mandatory for all volunteers. There will also be cupcakes and refreshments offered to the public, with demonstrations of Arctic Sports and Dene Games taking place. Tickets for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games were launched earlier this week, with the sale of Super Passes. Super Passes are good for all indoor sport competition throughout the week of the Games, with the exception of Gold Medal Hockey. The cost is $40 for adults and $30 for youth and seniors, with children two and under receiving free admission. Passes are available at the AWG office and City Hill, as well as online through the official merchandise site: shop.awg2020.org. Tickets for the Opening Ceremony and Gold Medal hockey games will go on sale the week of December 9. For the latest updates on ticketing, follow along on social media: FB: /2020awg Twitter: @awg2020 Instagram: @awg.2020 On March 15, the Yukon will welcome 2,000 athletes, coaches, mission staff, officials and cultural performers from nine contingents. The AWG will feature 21 sports in four categories – traditional sports, Nordic sports, indoor sports, and ice sports – as well as a Cultural Festival, Gala and Arts Market. -30- For more information or to arrange an interview, contact: Echo Ross Manager, Marketing & Media 2020 Arctic Winter Games 867-335-9145 echo.ross@awg2020.org Stephanie Cunha Manager, Communications Yukon Energy 867-393-5333 stephanie.cunha@yec.yk.ca 

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Electricity bill increase approved

Yukoners need sustainable, reliable and cost-effective electricity today and into the future. To ensure we have it, Yukon Energy invests millions of dollars each year to build, operate and maintain our electricity supply and transmission assets. On November 24, 2019, our regulator, the Yukon Utilities Board approved a 4.7 per cent permanent increase to electricity bills, effective December 1, 2019. The decision follow a 29-month review of our 2017/2018 General Rate Application and a 4.6 per cent interim increase to bills on September 1, 2017. The 4.7 per cent permanent increase will add: $7.90 per month to the Average Residential Electricity Bill $13.77 per month to the Average Commercial Electricity Bill Yukon's continuing demand for sustainable and reliable electricity comes at a cost. The increase to electricity bills was needed to pay for: past costs to upgrade aging infrastructure and build new projects; and increasing costs for labour, materials and contractors. Despite this permanent increase, Yukon's residential electricity bills are still the lowest in the North and competitive with other jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. REGULATORY DELAYS WILL COMPOND THE EFFECT OF INCREASE ON CUSTOMERS All increases to electricity bills are carefully reviewed and scrutinized by the Yukon Utilities Board. Rate applications usually take about a year to complete. Our 2017/2018 General Rate Application took 29 months from start to finish. Unfortunately, this means a delay in collecting revenue from 2017, 2018 and 11 months of 2019. We now have to collect this money at the same time that we collect revenue that we need to operate today. To do this, electricity bills will increase by an additional 7.1 per cent between December 1, 2019 and November 30, 2021. The 7.1 per cent temporary increase will add an additional: $12.58 per month to the Average Residential Electricity Bill $21.92 per month to the Average Commercial Electricity Bill WHAT YUKONERS CAN DO TO SAVE MONEY ON THEIR ELECTRICITY BILLS We know that even a small rate increase is a hardship for some people. The best way for Yukoners to reduce their electricity bill is to reduce the amount of electricity they use. Fortunately, using less electricity can be as easy as: Turning off lights when you leave a room. Taking a five-minute shower instead of 10. Using LEDs instead of incandescent lights. Using a block heater to charge your vehicle only three hours before you need it. Using a programmable thermostat to heat your home only when you are there. A plain language summary is available below with more details about how the increases will appear on customer bills. Note: Impact to average residential electricity bill is calculated based on 1,000 kWh consumption/month Impact to average commercial electricity bill is calculated based on 2,000 kWh consumption/month

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