Secondary Sales Program

At some times of the year, Yukon Energy has the ability to produce more electricity than we need for our customers. To take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of this surplus power, the Corporation developed a Secondary Sales Program.

This program gives eligible Yukon businesses the option of using hydro power to heat their facilities instead of diesel fuel or propane, both of which are more expensive. There are some stipulations: the business' existing heating system must be maintained and fully operational so that it can be re-activated on 24 hours notice. A second electrically fired heating system must be added in order to use the secondary sales electricity as a heating source. The business must also be located in an area that is served by hydro-generated power.

The Secondary Sales Program helps customers save 10 percent or more on heating bills. It also helps Yukon Energy to earn more revenue than it otherwise would and it displaces the use of diesel fuel for heating, which lowers Yukon's greenhouse gas emissions.

It's important to note that as the demand for power increases we may not be able to continue offering this program, and it can be cancelled with 24 hours notice.