Dam Safety

We care about your safety and ask that you take great care if you find yourself near Yukon Energy’s dams, hydro plants and control structures.

• Water currents are strong
• Water levels can rise rapidly without warning
• Water near hydro plants has a strong undertow
• At the Lewes River Control Structure, always use the boat lock when travelling by watercraft. NEVER try to pass through the control gates.

Yukon Energy has installed new safety features at our Whitehorse dam and Marsh Lake control structure.

A horn will sound and a light will flash to warn you of a sudden increase in river levels as a result of water being released through our spillways.

The horn will operate between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. The light will flash at any time. Both will operate for 30 seconds.

When this happens, please move well away from the water’s edge.