Resource Plans

Planning to meet future electricity needs is a big part of what we do here at Yukon Energy.

As Yukon's economy and communities grow, and as Yukoners increasingly invest in electric vehicles and electric heating technologies - particularly in new buildings - demand for electricity will also grow. 

In order to continue providing most of our electricity from renewable sources, we must invest in new dependable renewable electricity sources that add firm winter capacity to our grid. This will allow us to continue meeting Yukoners' growing demands for renewable power - even on the coldest and darkest of days - while also supporting government's emission reduction targets.

In January 2020, we released a draft of our 10-year renewable electricity plan. The plan shows how, together, the visions of the Yukon government, Yukon Energy and Yukoners themselves can be interlocked in a way that will bring about the Yukon we all envision.

It’s a big plan that features opportunities for individuals, communities and First Nations. It’s a plan that features innovation and challenges. It’s a plan that depends on all of us for ultimate success.

The Yukon of the future – one where renewable electricity continues to fuel our lives, work and economy – is within our reach. But we must act now and we must act together.

Learn more about our draft 10-year renewable electricity plan.