What We Heard

In September 2020, we hosted a series of COVID-safe community meetings and met with several stakeholder groups to get feedback on the proposed grid-scale battery storage system. We also reached out to businesses and property owners within 800 metres of the three proposed battery sites, and collected comments via an online form and direct email.

Thank you to everyone who shared their views with us. The most common themes mentioned were as follows:

  • Safety and security – battery safety and fire risks
  • Rates and costs – battery costs and electricity rates
  • Environment – overall sustainability

Here’s how we’re moving forward with what we were told mattered most to people.

Safety and security

A lithium-ion battery is generally considered safe technology. It uses no acid, which eliminates spill and contamination hazards. While the risk of fire is very low, we will have automated mechanisms that prevent fires from starting and stop them if they do.

The site will be completely fenced and include security monitors, cameras and alarms.

We are taking preventative measures to manage fire and safety risks such as developing and using security-monitoring and equipment-monitoring protocols. We’re preparing a fire response plan for the local fire department and emergency response teams.

Rates and costs

We expect the battery to cost $35 million. $16.5 million will come from the Government of Canada’s Green Infrastructure Stream. We will invest the remaining $18.5 million.

An application to include our investment in rates will be submitted to the Yukon Utilities Board after the battery is installed and operational. In June 2021, the Yukon Utilities Board confirmed that the battery is a preferred alternative to rental diesels and a new diesel plant.


The battery is expected to reduce carbon emissions in the Yukon by more than 20,000 tonnes between 2023 and 2043.

A full copy of the What We Heard report can be found in the Related Documents section at the bottom of this page.

If you have more feedback on the Battery Storage Project you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear it. Please submit your comments through the online comments form below.