Next Steps

site planning: present to fall 2023 

  • Preliminary engineering 
  • Environmental assessments 
  • Community engagement 
  • Submission of our Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act project description
  • Site preparation and grading

engineering and design: fall 2023 to winter 2023/24

  • YESAA Project Proposal submitted and assessment commences
  • Detailed engineering and site design
  • Securing a site contractor
  • Ordering equipment with long lead times

construction: spring 2023 to fall 2024

  • Completion of YESAA assessment and subsequent permitting
  • Civil and structural work
  • Installation of the initial 2, 3.25 MW diesel units and fuel storage system
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment and systems put in place

During construction, you can expect to hear noise typical of a construction site, but we’ll make sure our work abides by all noise bylaws.

interconnection: December 2024

  • Engine is tested and put into service

operations and maintenance

  • Happening now, during the project and ongoing afterwards.
  • The substation and diesel engine are maintained as part of Yukon Energy’s regular maintenance and upgrade schedules.