Our Response to COVID-19

September 28, 2020 update:

On August 1, 2020, Yukon entered Phase 3 – “the new normal” – of its COVID-19 recovery plan. As Yukoners continue to adapt to this new normal, we understand that sometimes customers can forget to make a payment on their electricity bill.

To help alert customers of bill payments that are past due, we will start transitioning back to our normal billing and collections processes on September 30, 2020.

What does this mean for customers?
  • If you’ve paid your bill in full:
    • Thank you, we appreciate your payment. Nothing in how we interact with you changes.
  • If your account has an amount owing that is past due:
    1. We will continue to try to reach you by phone and email to process a payment or to make a payment arrangement that works for you.
    2. You’ll receive a pink Reminder Letter or Pending Disconnection Notice in the mail letting you know that your account is past due. The notice will also let you know if your electricity service is at risk of being interrupted if a payment or payment arrangement is not made.

Please call us right away at 1-867-993-5565 to speak to one of our Customer Service Advisors who can help you make a payment on your account or to set-up a payment arrangement that works best for you.

  • If we haven’t received a payment on your account, haven’t heard from you to make a payment arrangement, or if you’ve broken a previously-made payment arrangement without contacting us first, your electricity service will be interrupted until a payment is made.

    Interrupting your electricity service is always the last course of action we’ll take to collect the amount owing on your overdue account. Please call us if you are unable to make a payment on your account. We’re happy to work with you to better understand your unique circumstances and to make payment arrangements that work best for you.

Our winter disconnection guidelines:

We postpone disconnections for non-payment when temperatures in a specific community reach below -15C with wind-chill. Disconnections for non-payment start again when temperatures rise above -15C.

Have questions? We’re here!