Yukoners doing good is good for the Yukon

Help the Yukon shift the peak

Thank you to everyone who joined this phase of the Peak Smart Home program. By participating in Peak Smart programs, Yukoners are helping to reduce demand when electricity consumption across the Yukon reaches peak levels. This eases pressure on the power grid during these critical times, lessening our dependence on diesel generation and improving the reliability of the grid when Yukoners need it most.
If you weren’t able to sign up during Peak Smart Home’s first season, don’t worry – there are more opportunities to participate ahead!

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There’s power in doing good

As the Yukon’s population grows and our lives become increasingly electrified, our demand for electricity is increasing. By joining the Peak Smart programs, you are helping to shift peak demand for power, reducing both the strain on the power grid during peak times and the Yukon’s reliance on diesel generation to maintain grid reliability on cold winter days – without disrupting your day-to-day comfort.

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