Update on the Haines Junction Biomass Research

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Apr 15, 2016  Comment

Today's question: What is the latest from Yukon Energy regarding the biomass plant for Haines Junction? Will this project proceed in the near future?

Thanks for the question. A few years ago, Yukon Energy partnered with a number of other governments, agencies, and corporations to have a biomass feasibility study done. The results of that work are posted on our website.

The study found that this specific project was not economically viable as an energy project for Yukon Energy. However the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations continued to look at a possible biomass demonstration for the community. I suggest you check with CAFN for an update on their work.

Even though this particular biomass project did not provide us with a viable energy option, we are still looking at biomass in general, and it will be examined in detail as part of the work we are currently doing on our 2016 Resource Plan. We will be back in Haines Junction this summer for another public meeting on the Resource Plan and will have some information to share with you on biomass at that point.


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