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RFP 2021-011 Transformer Whitehorse Interconnection

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) was identified in the 2016 IRP as a medium-term solution to partially address the capacity shortfall. The BESS project is proceeding and is forecasted to be in service in Q4 2022. As a result of the BESS project, interconnection facilities are required in order to connect to the Yukon Integrated System.

A decision was made to connect the BESS to S171 (Riverside Substation) in order to avoid creating a new N-1 and triggering the need for additional firm capacity. Additionally, as the BESS interconnection line will be passing by the LNG facility, there is an opportunity to move the LNG interconnection to S171 at the same time as this project, which should mitigate future N-1 constraints.

The S171 footprint and its control building will need to be expanded as part of the interconnection project and will include a power transformer to interface between the BESS & the LNG plant and the transmission system.

The Corporation is requesting a Proposal for the design, manufacture, factory test and supply of power transformer 138/34.5 kV 30/40/50 MVA as specified in the RFP document.

The soliciation package can be accessed through MERX website by clicking here.

Jun 25, 2021
RFP 2021-006 Wareham Intake Investigation

 YEC has a hydro-electric facility near the Town of Mayo, known as Mayo Hydro Generation Station (MGS). The facility consists of the Mayo Lake Control Structure, Wareham Dam, a common intake structure, Mayo Hydro Facility 0 (MH0, or known as Mayo A), and Mayo Hydro Facility B (MHB0).

A common intake structure near Wareham Dam was constructed and commissioned with the original dam in 1952. The penstock connected to the intake was modified and expanded to include MHB0 in 2012. The issue is that the bedrock is unstable in this area, is failing, and building up and blocking the intake screen. The bedrock is mostly a schist type. The current design of the intake only allows for 3 of the 4 units to operate at any one time.

The soliciation package can be accessed through MERX link here.

Jul 12, 2021
2021-015 Equipment Sale

Yukon Energy Corporation is inviting bids on the Sale of Yukon Energy Corporation Equipment listed on Schedule C of the RFT. All assets/equipment are available for inspection at YEC’s warehouse located at # 5 Lindeman Road, Whitehorse. The assets/equipment can be viewed on June 30, 2021, between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and July 6, 2021, between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Yukon Standard Time.

The deadline for bid submission is on July 16, 2021, at 4:00 PM Yukon Standard Time.

Bids can be hand-delivered or submitted electronically. A bid deposit in the amount equivalent to 10% of the total bid will be required.
The contact person for this public tender is:

Jaspher Javison
email: procurement@yec.yk.ca
phone: 867-393-5302

A copy of the public tender, with details and instructions on how to submit a bid, can be accessed here.

Jul 16, 2021