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RFQ 2022-019 Supply and Delivery of Two Shaft Seal Water Filtration Units

The objective of this RFQ is to give the required information for procuring two new shaft seal water filters for Mayo Hydro Units MBH1 and MBH2.

The scope of work is to replace the existing shaft seal water filtration systems and control panels. Two units: MBH1 and MBH2

Refer to Appendix 5 for the schematics and general arrangement:

Water is taken from the penstock through a 100mm pipe, then it passes through a cooling water skid  where pressure is reduced. A part of this water is sent to the shaft seal filter and then to the shaft seal.

It shall be noted that the existing shaft seal filter’s location is in the oil lube skid. New shaft seal filter is located at a different place. See details further in the document.

The preferred brand for instruments, sensors and transducers is IFM®. Alternatively, similar equipment shall be used upon the client's approval.

The piping/tubing coming from the cooling water skid or exiting to the shaft seal is out of scope. Information about the current piping length is given as a reference for design purposes.

The piping required for the filter operation (by-pass piping, flushing, etc.) and maintenance valves shall be included in the scope of supply.

The Contractor must provide the drawings, the piping and instrumentation diagrams, the electrical and wiring diagrams, the maintenance and operation manuals, the specification documents, and any other relevant document to the client with the product.

All electrical installations shall comply with the Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22).

See the Shaft Seal Filtration Unit - Purchasing Specification in Appendix 5 for more information.

Bidders are expected to download the solication package through the MERX link here.

Dec 7, 2022
RFP 2022-024 2023 Brushing

The Corporation is requesting Proposals for the provision of brushing along transmission lines L170, L176, L177, L356 and along the Aishihik Power Canal

All documents can be downloaded from Merx here

Dec 9, 2022
RFP 2022-016 Implementer for the Demand Side Management Program

Yukon Energy Corporation and its partners would like to implement a residential demand response program utilizing connected (see Device Connectivity, below) DR devices to reduce electrical loads from space and water heating during electrical system peaks. This Work builds upon a previous residential demand response pilot program, called PeakSmart, which sought to study the potential of demand response to manage peak loads and decrease supply capacity requirements. The successful Proponent would provide expertise in residential demand response programs in the planning and implementation of the territory’s first full-scale demand response program. The Proponent is expected to have experience in:

  • Planning, design, and implementation of a residential demand response program, with a focus on space and water heating. Evaluation experience would be an asset.

  • Procurement, installation and programming of demand response-enabled devices and integration with utility DRMS platforms.

  • Designing residential demand response events and modeling their effect on a utility’s load profile,

  • Residential customer communication and service on demand-response focused DSM programs (either directly or in a support role).

  • Managing contractors installing equipment in residential customer homes.

  • Working with utilities operating in extreme cold climates, northern or remote locations, without smart metering infrastructure or connection to the North American electrical grid, and with utilities that experience winter peaking due to heating loads. 

Qualified Proponents are expected to download the soliciation package through the MERX link here. 

Jan 13, 2023