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RFP 2022-007 Callison Subtation P&C, SCADA & Automation Upgrade

In 2020, Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC) conducted a review and assessment of its protection and control (P&C) assets in generating plants and substations throughout the Corporation electrical network. The assessment conducted has identified aging and obsolete equipment as well as prioritized replacement of P&C assets for the next 20 years. Protection and control assets perform critical function of detecting, isolating, and protecting electrical assets selectively and rapidly when a grid disturbance occurs. They also provide SCADA visibility, monitoring, and control of remote assets in generating plants and substations. Therefore P&C assets play a major role in the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the YEC power system.

The 2022 project objective is to complete engineering for the proposed P&C, SCADA & Automation upgrade at S250 Callison Substation.

The Corporation wishes to retain an Engineering & Design Contractor for the project (“Contractor”).  The Contractor will work closely with the Corporation’s project team to design and engineer the proposed Protection, Control, SCADA and Automation upgrade at S250 Callison Substation.

The solicitation package can be downloaded here.

May 31, 2022