Stewardship and Biodiversity

It's important to us that we operate in such a way that minimizes environmental impacts and supports habitat recovery. Some of our stewardship and biodiversity initiatives include: 

Yukon Sustainable Community Award

Yukon Energy Corporation and the Association of Yukon Communities are working together to recognize leadership in sustainable community development. Together we have created an award for initiatives that demonstrate practical, innovative solutions that enhance the environmental sustainability of Yukon’s communities. The award is given out annually.

Fox Creek Restoration Program

Yukon Energy has, for several years, worked with the Ta'an Kwäch’än Council on an initiative to restore the chinook salmon run at Fox Creek, a tributary of Lake Laberge about 50 kilometres north of Whitehorse. Our Whitehorse Rapids Fish Hatchery annually provides the First Nation with 50,000 or more fertilized (eyed) chinook salmon eggs. 

Mayo Salmon Enhancement

As part of the Mayo B hydro project, Yukon Energy constructed a salmon rearing channel on the Mayo River in 2012. The channel is providing high quality rearing habitat for juvenile chinook salmon as well as resident fish species. Several years ago, we helped fund a project spearheaded by the First Nation of Na-cho Nyak Dun, which saw a number of small channels re-built along the lower Mayo River. These channels are providing a safe place for juvenile salmon to spend their first year before heading off to the Bering Sea.

Salmon in the Classroom

Yukon Energy provides fertilized (eyed) eggs annually to schools in Whitehorse and some outlying communities for the Salmon in the Classroom program. The program gives students an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of the salmon and care for this precious resource. 

Celebration of Swans

Yukon Energy is a long-time supporter of this annual festival that celebrates the arrival of trumpeter and other species of swans back to our territory.