Understanding the role of our battery

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Jan 17, 2024  Comment

Short-term energy storage, like what our grid-scale battery will soon be able to provide, is one of several system-wide investments that are needed to provide reliable, affordable and renewable electricity in the Yukon. Once complete, our battery will provide short-term storage for the extra electricity available each day when demand for electricity is low, for use later that day to help meet peak demands for power. The battery will store hours worth of electricity, not days or months like what’s possible with seasonal storage options. We anticipate the battery will be constructed by the end of this year.

Maintaining the reliability of Yukon’s isolated electricity system also requires:

  1. Maintaining and upgrading the system we have. This includes the work we’re doing to renew the licences and permits for our existing hydro, LNG and diesel units, upgrading the transmission system and increasing the capacity of the distribution system in Dawson City.
  2. Reducing winter demand for electricity through programs like Peak Smart. Learn more and sign up here.
  3. Building new sources of electricity that offers dependable energy in the winter. We refer to this as capacity because it is energy we can call on upon in an instant when we need it. Right now, we rent diesels each winter to meet peak electricity demand but know that we need to expand renewable options in the short and long term.

Learn more about our electricity planning here.


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