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Apr 14, 2016  Comment

Major Survey About to Start to Gauge Yukoners’ Views on Electricity

As most people know, Yukon Energy is in the process of updating our 2016 Resource Plan, a document that outlines how to meet Yukon's electricity needs for the next 20 years (2016 to 2035). A critical part of our resource planning work is to gather your input, so we can create a plan that reflects Yukoners' values in terms of the territory's electricity future.  Keeping in mind that all energy options have impacts and require trade-offs, we want to understand how you would rank the importance of affordability (keeping your power rates low), reliability (keeping the lights on), and a number of social and environmental factors such as protecting the environment and wildlife, respecting traditional lifestyles and heritage resources, supporting economic growth and jobs, and ensuring cultural and community well-being. We have hired the Yukon Bureau of Statistics to conduct a phone survey, which will start as early as this week-end and will run over the next few weeks. The Bureau will survey up to 5,000 people in both Whitehorse and the communities, using a statistically sound method that will allow them to collect the opinions of a representative sample of Yukoners. The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete. If you are one of those who receives a call, please take the time to do the survey. Your answers will be confidential and the Bureau of Stats will not share any of your personal information, not even with Yukon Energy. Once the Bureau of Stats has collected and compiled all the results, it will provide us with a report that we will make public - likely sometime in the summer. In terms of how we will use the information, it will be one of several factors we will take into account when selecting what we believe are the best energy options for Yukon over the next 20-years. The other factors include: Electricity cost Reliability Environmental impacts Socio-economic impacts All things being equal, we will give more weight to any potential projects that appear to have the general support of Yukoners based on the survey results.

News, Community Involvement, Environment
Nov 24, 2015  Comment

Yukon Energy Provides Precious Resource for Fox Creek Restoration Project

Yukon Energy handed over some very special cargo to the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council earlier this month. Our Whitehorse Rapids Fish Hatchery provided the First Nation with more than 50,000 fertilized (eyed) Chinook salmon eggs.  The eggs are part of a program to restore the Chinook salmon run at Fox Creek, a tributary of Lake Laberge about 50 kilometres north of Whitehorse. The creek supported a spawning population of Chinook salmon until the 1950s, when the fish disappeared. No one is sure why this happened.  Several years ago, Ta’an began working with Yukon Energy and other partners to restock the creek. Yukon Energy’s hatchery provides the eggs, which each fall are transferred to Yukon College’s McIntyre Creek Hatchery. The eggs incubate and hatch over the winter and the subsequent young fry are tagged and released into Fox Creek during the summer. There are some promising indications that the efforts are starting to pay off. The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council reported seeing nine Chinook salmon this past summer in the Fox Creek spawning grounds. Yukon Energy looks forward to continuing our partnership with Ta’an on this important project. Fertilized (eyed) eggs up close Whitehorse Rapids Fish Hatchery Manager Lawrence Vano hands over the eggs to Ta'an Councillor Delilah Pillai and contractor Deb Fulmer. The eggs arrive safe and sound at the McIntyre Creek fish hatchery.