Portable Diesel Rental

At Yukon Energy, it’s our job to supply the electricity Yukoners need when and where they need it. Our ability to keep the lights on is especially important during Yukon’s cold and dark winters when demand for electricity is the highest.

This means we’re always planning for cold weather, emergencies and increased demands for electricity. That’s why we rent diesel generators each year as our insurance policy against prolonged power outages until we can build more dependable renewable resources.

This winter (2020/2021), we’re renting 17 portable diesel generators; seven more than last year. If the cold snap in January 2020 reinforced anything for us, it’s that, collectively, Yukoners are using more electricity than ever before, and that more sources of dependable electricity are needed at the flip of a switch during the winter. 

Ten of the rental diesel generators will be installed in our Whitehorse parking lot. The other seven will be installed at our diesel power plant in Faro. For more information about our rental diesel generators in Faro, read the attached handout.

When can we stop renting diesel generators?

In January 2020, we released our draft 10-Year Renewable Electricity Plan, which outlines the new renewable electricity projects we need to meet growing demands for electricity and to help reduce carbon emissions in Yukon. Implementing all of these projects would mean we would no longer have to rent diesel generators each year to meet peak demands for electricity. Learn more about our plan.

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