Faro Diesel Facility

The Faro diesel facility provides reliable energy supply to supplement our renewable energy sources. It, along with the other diesel facilities, provides electricity quickly during loss of hydro generation, peak hours of consumption, low water periods, extreme low temperatures and emergencies.

Preparing for an increase in demand

As demand for electricity continues to grow in Yukon, we need to make sure that all the tools in our toolbox are ready to use in case we need them.

To do that, we submitted a project proposal for a Yukon Environment and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA) evaluation of the Faro power plant, to increase the amount of electricity we are allowed to generate in Faro from 10.6 megawatts to 15.5 megawatts. YESAB's Designated Office in Watson Lake recommended that our proposal to increase our operating capacity in Faro be allowed to proceed. Yukon government's Department of Environment then issued us an amended air emissions permit.

What we heard - Faro open house on June 19, 2023

On June 19, 2023, we held an open house in Faro to listen to community concerns and answer questions about our diesel plant in Faro. It was also an opportunity for us to share information about general energy planning in the territory and why we need diesel generators, as well as recruit for two plant operators in Faro. Below is a summary of the key concerns and questions that we heard during the open house.

The primary concern that was raised during the open house, and that we’ve heard from residents before, was noise. While diesel generators have been in operation in Faro since the town's initial construction, recent demands on the grid have required more frequent use of diesel generators (both permanent and rental units) in the winter. As such, some residents are frustrated with the noise and air emissions from the diesel generators.

Read the full What We Heard summary, as well as our responses to these concerns, below.

Faro sound and air assessments

When we installed the rental diesel units in Faro, we committed to assessing items residents told us were important to them like noise and air quality. To view the results of our sound and air assessments, as well as to get more information about how the rental generators were used in Faro, please read the handouts below.

If you have concerns about noise or air quality in Faro, or have questions, please use the form below.