Site Design Considerations

Potential impacts to the following were found to be low:


The site is already cleared and surfaced with gravel.


Moose and other large animals tend to avoid the Callison industrial area.

fish and water

The Klondike River is 670 m away. Three levels of fuel containment will be used to prevent fuel from entering the environment in the unlikely case of a leak.


The diesel engine will only make noise when it's running – typically during peak periods of energy use in the winter and during emergencies. The new engine will have a sound rating lower than levels permitted in an industrial area, and will be installed in a container with an exhaust silencer to muffle engine noise even further.

air quality

Emissions from the diesel engine will comply with the Yukon Ambient Air Quality Standards and will not have significant negative effects on human and/or environmental health.

As part of this project, we’ll be seeking an amendment to our existing air emissions permit. This will be evaluated under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA).

Yukon Energy’s Callison substation

traditional territory

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in


Yukon Energy

zoning designation

M1 Industrial

current use

Utility substation

nearest resident

150 m

nearest water body

Klondike River, 670 m north

Three layers of environmental protection

On-site diesel storage

Our diesel storage will meet strict regulatory requirements and include best industry practices for fuel storage and handling.