Yukon Energy’s Natural Gas Facility Complete and In Service

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Jul 08, 2015  Comment

Yukon Energy’s new natural gas facility is now operational. The final regulatory approvals came last week, when the Corporation received two key operating permits: an Approval to Operate from the Yukon government’s Oil and Gas Branch and an Energy Operating Certificate from the Minister of Justice.  

“We are pleased that the facility was successfully designed, constructed and commissioned.” Yukon Energy president Andrew Hall said. “Having this new plant operational means that we can provide safe, reliable back-up power to Yukoners that is less expensive and cleaner than diesel.”

The two natural gas generators replace two Whitehorse diesel units that have reached end of life.

“Yukon Energy will continue to generate the vast majority of our power from renewable sources,” Hall added. “Like our diesel units, the natural gas facility will only be used for emergency back-up or for peaking power in the cold winter months.”

Last year, Yukon Energy produced 99.6 percent of its power from hydro and wind.

The Corporation is planning a public tour of the new plant on the afternoon of July 23rd. “This will give Yukoners an opportunity to see the numerous safety features built into the system,” Hall said. “We would not have gone ahead with this project if we were not totally confident in the safety of LNG and of this facility.” Interested members of the public are asked to contact Yukon Energy to pre-register for the tour. Space is limited.

Yukon Energy would like to thank all its staff and contractors who worked on this project. About $9-million worth of the contracts for the initiative went to Yukon companies.

Janet Patterson                                                             
Manager, Communications
Yukon Energy Corporation
(867) 393-5333                                                            


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