What Should a Made in Yukon Energy Conservation Plan Look Like?

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Nov 10, 2011  Comment

You might recall that earlier this year, Yukon Energy teamed up with the Yukon Electrical Company Ltd. and the Yukon government’s Department of Energy, Mines & Resources to collect information about how people use electricity in the territory and where the greatest gains might be in terms energy conservation or efficiencies.

We hired ICF Marbek to do what's called a Conservation Potential Review. Marbek is one of Canada’s top energy consulting firms.

Over the past several months, the company has been gathering information to answer the following questions:
• How do Yukoners currently use energy (i.e. what percentage of energy consumption goes towards heat, hot water, lighting, plug loads, etc.)?
• How much power would Yukon need in future years if there weren't any energy conservation/efficiency initiatives put in place?
• How much potential is there in Yukon for energy savings through energy conservation initiatives?
• Where are the greatest gains to be made in terms of energy conservation?

The consultants have been gathering the information using customer billing data, stakeholder consultation and customer surveys. They’ve processed all the collected data and are now ready to start discussing their findings with Yukoners.

Marbek is coming to Yukon for two-and-a-half days of workshops next week in Whitehorse with various stakeholders. The workshops will allow participants to talk about how much of the electricity savings identified in the draft study can realistically be achieved within Yukon’s residential, commercial and renewable sectors between now and 2030.

Marbek will take the feedback it receives during these workshops and use it to further refine its report. The final version of the report will be available to everyone as soon as it is completed.


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