What Big Valves You Have!

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Apr 25, 2014  1

Today, crews are finishing up the work of re-installing two valves at the Canyon valve structure by Otter Falls at our Aishihik hydro facilities.

The valves control the flow of water at Otter Falls. They were removed from service last fall and sent to Campbell River B.C. for re-conditioning. We had to wait until the ice in the area started to melt before re-installing them.

The valves are more than 150 centimeters (60 inches) in diameter and weigh 3,855 kilograms (8,500 lbs) each! We had to use a 90 ton crane to move them into place. We also needed to hire divers to reattach the underwater bolts. It takes about four hours to install and tighten the bolts for each valve.

This is just one of a number of projects Yukon Energy has underway this year to ensure reliability of service to our customers.
Below, photos of one of the valves being re-installed. 

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by Cal Grunerud

Sent a post previously about this item, seeing it did not get posted i will resend.
I would like to thank YEC for the opportunity to have our crew remove, rebuild and reinstall these 2 large valves.
Cal Grunerud, Chargehand, Field Services