Watching For Nests

Environment, Reliability, Safety

Jun 27, 2014  2

As some people in Dawson City are aware, we are doing some brushing along our transmission line right of ways. Brushing is necessary for reasons of safety and reliability of power service.

One of the areas to be brushed is in the vicinity of Henderson Corner.

We've had a few calls today from people who are concerned that if we brush right now, the nests of some warblers and other song birds will be destroyed. Please know that we have someone walking the line this afternoon looking very closely for birds' nests. If we find any, we will not do the brushing this week-end as planned but we will delay the work for a few weeks until the birds have left the nests. 



by B D

Are you having any professional biologists / birders look with you? If one isn’t experienced with this, warbler nests can be really quite tricky to find (high above or near the ground, in tree hollows, camouflaged). I myself still have trouble finding them. Destroying migratory bird nests isn’t permitted under federal law. I recommend waiting until closer towards the end of summer to brush the area if you don’t have experienced personal looking with you.


by Yukon Energy Corporation

BD, the contractor who is doing brushing for us this summer has special training in detecting bird nests, etc. It is a requirement of us hiring this firm. Also, we invited local birding experts to accompany him in doing this task. In the end, it was decided that we would not proceed with the brushing but would wait a few weeks until the birds had left the nests.