Warning About Telemarketing Scheme


May 31, 2011  1

A number of Yukon residents have received telephone solicitations recently from an organization claiming to be affiliated with Yukon Electrical Company Limited. It's possible this organization is also claiming to be connected to Yukon Energy Corporation. The callers say they are with a company called Hydro Power Saver or hydroenergysaver.com. Customers are being asked to participate in a ‘special deal’ and are being asked to provide personal and financial information. This telemarketing organization is not affiliated with Yukon Electrical Company Limited or Yukon Energy Corporation and customers are advised to decline any offers and contact the RCMP with information about the telephone call.

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by elizabeth Hanson

Telemarketing cons are the lowest form of criminal..preying upon trusting people.. please follow the advice and if in doubt call the RCMP