Walking the Talk

Energy Conservation

Jan 25, 2012  Comment

As demand for electricity continues to grow in Yukon, we have been promoting energy conservation and efficiencies. We have encouraged all Yukoners to be conscious of how much power they are using, and to conserve where possible.

But of course we need to walk the talk, so we’ve just had our own internal energy audit done. We hired an independent firm to conduct an audit of our Whitehorse office, Whitehorse diesel and hydro plants, Dawson office, and Dawson diesel plant.
Before the audit was done we compiled all of our electricity and fuel usage on a monthly basis for each building, along with information about building envelope, floor area and occupancy, lighting, heating and cooling, control systems and process loads (i.e. block heaters for the diesels, fuel tank heating, spillway gate heating, etc.) The auditors then conducted site visits and measured things such as heat loss from the buildings, lighting levels, heating system performance and system operation.

We expect to receive the completed report shortly and then will take some time to review it with an eye to the costs and energy savings of making certain modifications to our facilities. Next we would implement various measures. Stay tuned for updates very soon about how Yukon Energy will conserve electricity.

Photo: testing lighting levels in the Whitehorse diesel plant. Photo credit: www.archbould.com


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