Update on the Outage at Keno

Power Outage Updates

Jan 04, 2012  Comment

It has been a difficult few days for people in Elsa and Keno. They have had a lengthy outage earlier this week, and a shorter one this morning. While the power is back on, we understand their frustration, and we want to apologize to them for these outages.

Here is some information to help you understand what has happened over the last few days. Be aware that Yukon Energy transmits the power to Elsa and Keno, and Yukon Electrical Company Ltd. distributes it to customers there (apart from the Alexco mine, which is Yukon Energy's customer). Both utilities have worked closely together to get power restored. Yukon Electrical Company brought in a stand-by diesel generator to Keno, but when it didn't function as it should have, Yukon Energy was able to offer one of our own back-up generators. We used it this morning to get the lights back on in Keno.

In terms of the transmission line, we believe the problem was caused by heavy snow; there have been snow storms in the area over the last several days. We flew the line yesterday and couldn't find anything else that could have been the culprit. We are flying the line again today, this time using fault detectors to help us troubleshoot. They are devices that can be hung on sections of the line and will flash when there is a fault. They help us pinpoint a problem.

Again, we want to apologize to residents and businesses that have been affected by these outages and to assure you we are working as diligently as we can to get the transmission system restored to proper working order.


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