This Year’s Water Levels on Marsh Lake

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Jun 19, 2013  Comment

 Once again this summer, Yukon Energy will provide regular updates on our water level forecast for Marsh Lake. This is a service we have offered to residents and property owners around the Southern Lakes for the last several years, as it helps them prepare for possible flooding in the event of high water years.

Back in April, indications were that water levels would peak at around the existing Full Supply Level stipulated in our water license. That is around 656.234 meters above sea level.

Because of the late spring, and based on the most recent data regarding snow melt and Environment Canada long range weather forecasts, we now believe the water will peak at around 656.534 meters above sea level, which is approximately where it peaked last summer. Incidentally, this is the level we are considering for our Southern Lakes Enhancement Concept.

The chart at the bottom of this page shows this year's water levels to date (the solid purple line), the expected path the levels will take this summer (dotted purple line), and compares it to our Full Supply Level and the Conceptual Fully Supply Level. The chart also shows the water levels for 2007 (highest water level on record), 2004 (the middle line shown in pink), and 2012 (the lowest of the three solid water level lines).


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