the power of yukon


Aug 09, 2018  Comment

By now a number of you may have noticed that we have a new logo and tagline. Yukon Energy has had very much the same look, including the logo, since the Corporation was established in 1987. We are not the same company we were in the late 1980s, and we felt it was important to reflect who we are today.

The logo and tagline flow out of earlier work we did to update our Mission, Values, and Vision. Our new logo helps communicate what matters most to us: sustainable energy for a prosperous Yukon.

  • The dynamic shape represents how we generate most of the renewable electricity in the territory;
  • It resembles the cursive letter "e" for energy;
  • The multiple lines symbolize flowing water; water as a symbol of natural power; rivers that connect our communities;
  • The interlocking lines symbolize working together, connecting people, transforming clean resource into electricity;
  • The flow begins in blue, is transformed into green, and returns to blue, symbolizing a return to a natural state, commitment to sustainable energy, continuity.

The literal meaning of our signature "the power of yukon" is that Yukon Energy is the major source of electricity generation for the territory, and that we derive our product by tapping into Yukon resources, both natural and human. However the tagline also suggests that Yukon Energy embodies what is possible in this territory, working with Yukoners.

Throughout this project we have worked very hard to keep costs to a minimum. The Yukon government's French Language Services Directorate helped with the cost of our bilingual and French material, and some of the collaterals (signage, stationary, etc.) needed to be replaced anyway, regardless of whether we had re-branded. As a result, the incremental costs in 2018 for the rebranding project were kept to approximately $30,000. 

Ultimately, the work we have done is a re-commitment to all Yukoners ... to enable the territory's prosperity with sustainable, cost-effective and reliable electricity.


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