Testing Small-Scale Solar Technology

Energy Supply

Aug 28, 2012  2

Our Whitehorse Rapids fishladder has a new addition. There's now an array of solar panels attached to the visitor building.

This is a pilot project designed to test solar technology on a small (residential) scale. We will share the information we collect with Yukoners interested in exploring solar technology for their own homes.

The panels are expected to produce on average 2,000 kilowatt hours a year, enough to power a substantial part of the fishladder visitor building.

While the panels are up, this is still a work in progress. The next step is to install the dataloggers that will collect information about how much power is being generated at any given time.

The fishladder visitor building uses on average 52 kilowatt hours a day, or almost 19 megawatt hours a year.


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by Anton Lamers

This is great. Does anyone have any comparable solar performance data in the Yukon? I know that there was talk about netmetering in the Yukon a while back. Is that still the option? Has anyone ever done off-grid solar systems?


by Yukon Energy

Hi Anton. Yes, it is our understanding that the Yukon government is still working on a net metering policy, although we don’t know when it will be in place.

There are a number of people using small scale solar energy in Yukon. A few businesses and homes have made use of solar thermal energy for hot water heating, and several solar energy systems use photovoltaic arrays to generate electricity.

The Yukon government’s Energy Solutions Centre has more information on this on its website at: http://www.energy.gov.yk.ca/solar.html