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Jun 24, 2011  Comment

It was the perfect start to our Yukon energy conservation tour. Representatives from the non-profit group One Change travelled to Old Crow yesterday with officials from Yukon Energy and Yukon Electrical Company Limited to kick-off a series of visits to 11 communities in the territory. The purpose was: 1) to find out what people feel should be included in a Yukon-wide energy conservation plan; and 2) to share energy conservation products and information that can help people save money on their electricity bills.

People were generous with their time and their suggestions. For Old Crow, a fly-in community dependant almost entirely on diesel generation for its electricity needs (apart from one building that has solar panels), finding alternative energy sources is paramount. In particular, the local First Nation government is interested in seeing more energy efficient homes built, and is anxious to explore wind and solar possibilities.

It was pointed out to us that most people still use the old incandescent light bulbs, because replacing them with more energy efficient lighting is just too expensive.

All these comments will be taken into account as we work to create a Yukon energy conservation plan.

We thank the people of Old Crow for taking the time to meet with us, and we look forward to hearing what Yukoners in other communities have to say. For people in Faro, we hope to see you today from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the recreation centre.

Photos below by Justin Kennedy: 1) walking about town giving away bags of energy conservation products and information; 2) Stuart Hickox, President of One Change; 3) Yukon Energy's Shannon Mallory hands out energy conservation products and talks to two Old Crow residents about ways of saving electricity.


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