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Feb 17, 2015  2

Ever wonder how your electricity is generated, and how a hydro plant works? Come visit us next Monday, Feb. 23rd and find out. We are offering a free tour of our Whitehorse facilities, which will include a visit to our System Control Centre, one of our hydro plants, and our back-up diesel plant. You must pre-register by sending an email to: We are limited to 20 people.

The tour is one way we will be marking Talk Energy Week, a national initiative that encourages people to ask questions, learn about, and discuss energy issues. 

In addition to the tour, we'll post a variety of articles, videos and games that we hope will increase your awareness of energy and electricity. 



by Brendan

Why don’t you ever invest in Wind Turbines? The Yukons’ mountains are a perfect place to put a wind farm. They are also efficient, safe, renewable, and cheaper than diesel generaters in the long run because you must refill diesel, wind does not need to be expensively refilled with unclean, unsafe,  inefficient gas.


by Yukon Energy Corporation

Brendan, we recognize that wind is a valuable option in our energy tool box. It is renewable, can be developed in a reasonable time frame, and is scalable. We see this as an appropriate mid-scale solution to meet the territory’s mid-term electricity needs, and are gathering data that will help us determine the best site for a wind farm in the territory. The two sites we are looking at are Tehcho (formerly Ferry Hill) near Stewart Crossing and Mount Sumanik near Whitehorse. Since wind power is intermittent, it is challenging to integrate as an energy source into an isolated grid such as ours.  That’s why, as a key part of our work, we will be taking a close look at the integration of wind energy into our system and assessing different technologies and options for firming up wind supply.