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Feb 05, 2013  Comment

 Don’t forget about our candlelit dinner challenge this Valentine’s Day!

We’re inviting you to have a candlelit dinner on Thursday, February 14th. No electric lights; just the soft glow from candles. Post a photo or short story on our Facebook page about your special meal and we’ll put your name in a draw for a ‘breakfast in bed’ picnic basket. The basket will include a number of locally made products like jam, breads, coffee, massage oil, and more. It’ll give you a chance to keep that love going!

You must post your story or photo no later than 9 a.m. Yukon time on February 18th. We’ll award the prize later that week.

We promised to provide some Table Top Trivia questions for your special dinner. Here they are:

1. What per cent of heat is wasted when you open the oven door to sneak a peek?

Answer: 20 per cent. Best to use your oven light and look through the window.

2. True or False: a set top box or “personal video recorder” (PVR) can use about the same amount of energy as a fridge.

Answer: True. Cable boxes keep running at full power even when you've turned it off. For a smarter option, look for an ENERGY STAR® product.

3. How much energy do screen savers save?

Answer: None. Screen savers actually waste energy! We suggest you turn off your monitor when you're not using it.

4. Which household appliance uses the most energy?

    A: Refrigerator
    B: Toaster
    C: Dishwasher
    D: Washing machine

Answer: A. Refrigerators and freezers are two of the most energy consuming appliances. If your appliance is old or not working well, it's likely a good investment to replace it. If replacing your fridge or freezer is not feasible right now, keep it well maintained and use it efficiently.

If you have a working second fridge or freezer that's wasting power, check out the Refrigerator and Freezer Retirement Program, sponsored by the Energy Solutions Centre and Yukon Energy. 


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