Saving Electricity at the Minto Mine

Energy Conservation

Jul 05, 2013  Comment

Capstone Mining Corp. and Yukon Energy are working together to identify energy efficiency opportunities at Capstone’s Minto mine. The two corporations are sharing the cost of having an energy audit done of the property. The goal is to help the mining operation reduce its energy use per tonne of ore milled and manage its peak demand load.

The energy audit will be done by Hatch, a firm from Toronto that specializes in industrial energy audits. It will document past and current electricity use, compare that usage to other similar operations, and provide recommendations for energy saving opportunities. Each recommendation for energy efficiency improvements will include a cost-benefit analysis. The auditing company will also provide a proposal for managing peak load.

Energy conservation is a critical element in helping Yukon Energy meet Yukon’s growing energy needs. We are working with all our customer classes to find ways of making the most efficient use of the territory’s available electricity, so we’re happy to be working with Minto on this initiative.

The audit will be finished later this summer, with a final report expected before the end of this year. 


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