Reduced electricity generation: Aishihik Generating Station

Jan 31, 2024  Comment

Our Aishihik hydro plant was offline today due to a build up of ice at the intake, which is preventing water from flowing into the plant. It means we have less hydro power available and we’re running more diesel than usual.  

Crews are on site removing ice and bringing the power plant back online. Additional contractors have also been called in to help us remove the ice build-up.

Right now, we have enough sources of electricity generation to meet Yukoners’ electricity needs. However, as temperatures start to drop again tonight, we ask that you be aware of your electricity use this evening and tomorrow morning. Consider turning off unnecessary lights and delaying the use of major electrical appliances (dryer, oven, etc.) during peak times (mornings and evenings).

The Aishihik Generating Station is our largest source of electricity generation in the territory. Ice build-up happens from time-to-time at hydro plants and responding to situations like this is part of what we do. We plan for these types of situations each year—that’s why we have LNG and diesel plants in the Yukon and why we rent diesel generators each winter.

We’ll provide the next update on the status of the Aishihik plant here and on our Facebook page tomorrow (February 1) around noon.


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