Why the Deisel in Dawson?

Energy Supply

Jul 04, 2011  Comment

Today's question: why is Dawson burning diesel now? With the Stewart tie-in there appears to be a lot of available hydro electricity on the Whitehorse-Aishihik-Faro grid. Why aren't we seeing that tie-in do its work?

There was a great deal of lightning activity in the Dawson area last week. We had a number of outages as a result. Several days ago we made the decision to isolate Dawson City from the grid and use local diesel instead, to avoid any further outages for our customers there. Now that the lightning activity has subsided, we have put Dawson back on our transmission grid and there is no diesel being burned.

The energy consumption chart you see on our website is currently being converted over to show that we now have one integrated grid, so the data you see there today is outdated. We will make the conversion as soon as possible so that once again you will be able to view near realtime data.


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