Power Outage, Friday, February 7, 2020

Power Outage Updates

Feb 07, 2020  Comment

Update -  9 p.m: We are aware of outages affecting Dawson City, Mayo, neighbourhoods in Whitehorse, and north and south of Whitehorse. Cause of the outage is unknown at this time. Crews are onsite assessing the scope of the outage and working to restore power as quickly as possible. Updates to follow.

Update -  9:20 p.m.: Crews have been able to restore power in Mayo and parts of Dawson. Restoration in Whitehorse and communities north and south of the city will begin shortly.

Update -  10:45 p.m. Remaining customers in Dawson have power back as well as the majority of customers in and around Whitehorse. The remainder of customers should have power back on within minutes

Update - 11 p.m. All power has been restored. Tonight's outages were caused by a loss in power supply. This means something happened that caused one or more of our power generators to trip. When this happens, the amount of power we can generate and supply to the grid decreases, and the amount of power Yukoners need is more than what is available. That's when the power outage happened.

Now, what caused the generators to trip? That's what our team will be working on over the next few days to figure out.

Sorry for the trouble tonight's outage caused.

Update - February 11, noon: 

Following a thorough review of Friday’s outage, we’ve been able to determine that the outage was caused by a communications failure. When the failure occurred, our Whitehorse LNG facility, and our Whitehorse Hydro # 4 and Aishihik #3 units tripped.

This communication failure is also the reason why Friday’s outage took a bit longer to restore than normal. Since our communication with each power plant was lost, power plants in Dawson, Mayo, Whitehorse and Aishihik had to be operated manually.

Thank you again for everyone’s patience and understanding Friday night.


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