Plinko Your Way to Energy Savings

Community Involvement, Energy Conservation

Apr 11, 2012  1

If you've ever watched the TV show "The Price is Right" you'll be familiar with the Plinko board. We've now come up with our own version of Plinko, with prizes that will help reduce your electricity bill.

We'll be giving you a chance to play Plinko, Yukon Energy style, starting on April 21 and 22. We'll be set up at Swan Haven at North M’Clintock during this year's Celebration of the Swans.

On May 4, 5 and 6 you'll find us at the Lion’s Trade Show at the Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre in Whitehorse.

Prizes will include, among other things, coupons for discounts on various energy-saving products. 

Everyone who plays will win a prize, so come join us and Plinko your way to energy savings.

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by sherry

Wow! I wish I lived in the Yukon! You guys have all the fun! Not like that here in Alberta. Well done Yukon Energy. You appear to have a wonderful environmental edge; very impressive to the sensitive environment you call home. You are spending your money well. Love the videos - very informative.