Partnering With Alexco on Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Sep 06, 2011  Comment

We've talked on a number of occasions on this blog about the fact that energy conservation is a critical element in helping us meet Yukon's growing need for electricity. The more we all save, the less new generation we will need to find. We're working with all customers classes on various energy conservation projects. Today we are happy to tell you about a new project we are undertaking in partnership with one of our industrial customers, Alexco Resource Corp. We are working with them to have an energy audit done at the Bellekeno mine, mill and camp. The goal is to help the mining operation reduce its current yearly electrical power consumption and peak demand load.

The energy audit will be done by Demand Side Energy, a Winnipeg firm that specializes in industrial audits. It will document past and current electricity use, compare that usage to other similar operations, and provide recommendations for energy saving opportunities. The auditing company will also provide a proposal for managing peak load.

The audit will be done next week. We expect the report to be completed by the end of this year. Alexco Resources will share the cost of the audit with us 50-50. If as a result of the audit, Alexco implements energy conservation measure that reduce their current annual consumption, we will reimburse them an additional 25 percent of the audit cost.


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