Overnight Power Outage

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Jul 15, 2016  Comment

Yukon Energy is working to determine the cause of a failure overnight of our largest hydro generator in Whitehorse. Hydro unit #4 failed just before 2 a.m., causing a power outage throughout most of Yukon. The exception was Mayo: because of the way the protections on our system are set up, Mayo automatically isolated itself from the system and stayed on.  

Yukon Energy and ATCO Electric Yukon worked together to restore power, and almost everyone was back on by just before 6 a.m.

The failed hydro unit is still out of service and will remain so until we can determine why it stopped working, and until any necessary repairs are made.

We are serving Yukon right now with our other Whitehorse hydro units, our Mayo hydro generators, and some thermal (diesel and LNG). Our Aishihik plant is not available to us because it is down for repairs on the plant’s elevator.


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